Now before your mind goes to somewhere deep and dark, my status as an unrepentant Lexophile, simply means that I have an enduring passion for language and would rather read and write than sleep, walk or talk. Especially when it comes to wonderful new ways to make delightful or even dreadful puns. I get my twisted sense of humour from my family, who constantly have me in stitches with both wicked and often woeful jokes. In fact, the worse they are, the harder I laugh!

I’m a strong and vocal personality who’s quick to laugh, slow to anger and usually ready with a smile. Courtesy and compassion cost nothing but are of inestimable value so I practice them whenever I can. Whether through chance or choice, I’ve been lucky enough to know some truly inspirational people whom I respect and admire. These are the people I consider instrumental in any success I’ve achieved and who make my life an exquisite joy (mostly!).

I have an average singing voice, some small talent with drums and a voracious appetite for the written word. Suffice to say, if I could have chosen to be anything I wanted in life, I’d have chosen to be a writer. So Nirvana is very much now for me, as I not only get to write creatively for pleasure but people actually pay me to do it for a living!


Wise, Wicked and Wonderful Words

With a deep and abiding reverence for the written word, I constantly delight in the rich texture, depth and nuance of the English language. Unlike many, who are uninspired by their everyday working choices, I’m fortunate in that I genuinely love what I do and being a freelance copywriter gives me the freedom and flexibility to make a living whilst indulging my passion. The depth and diversity of language is simply incredible. We should immerse ourselves in it at every opportunity as it is unquestionably the easiest way to express ourselves.

Language is the primary way we relate and it’s such a simple yet self-evident truth that communication is the key, not just for business but for our own personal edification and enlightenment. When we express ourselves, however that may be, we are declaring to the world who we are. What could be more important than that?

Featuring anything from short quotes to lengthy features and everything in between, this is a creative space where I can indulge my enthusiasm for the written word and showcase my talents as an experienced freelance content creator.