Writers Block and the Creative Void

No matter how bountiful your vocabulary, how passionate you are about writing or how often you produce articles of pure brilliance, there are times when it’s a real struggle to put pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard. Sometimes finding the right topic or the right words can feel almost impossible. You stare penetratingly at your screen, desperately hoping the magic will happen and you’ll write something so profound that people will be moved to tears, an indifferent world will take notice and your name will echo throughout the ages. Ah well….a little creative dreaming is good for nourishing the spirit, in fact, at times it feels as though my very soul and sanity depends on it!

Frustrating blockage happens to all writers at some stage and unfortunately, the only trick is to carry on anyway and write whatever streams out. Put aside the crushing realization that it’s utter drivel and remember that uncluttering yourself of the burdensome banal is necessary to cleanse the mind, preparing the way for something truly exceptional to come forth. I constantly hear the whisper of writers past haunting the subconscious of my mind. Their epic works of immortal words teasing me with snippets of prose, awakening memories of inspiring characters and the legendary trials they inevitably suffered through. If only inspiration would come to release me from this pent up hell! It’s enough to make me howl at the stars and sob in despair when the wellspring runs dry. However I take solace in knowing that time will eventually reveal a new source of inspirational joy and I will once again, delight to the rhythm of elegant sentences and complex wordplay as it springs from my fingertips.

The beauty of language is the way you can take an embryonic idea and flesh it out with colour and depth, then translate that concept to others so they too can share your vision, if only temporarily. It’s important to remember that even the true masters weren’t born great, they sweated their fair share of frustrated agony before their genius became universally acknowledged and admired.

Sometimes an idea will come to you in an instant, it will openly present itself and almost beg to be written about. Inspiration often comes to me in my sleep, I’ll awaken bleary eyed and groggy, to find that there is an ineffable concept that just won’t be forgotten, insistent and demanding it requires thinking through with focused intensity. So then I write, without any thought for the end result but simply to explore the process and see what eventuates. Sometimes I’m delighted at the result, at other times I give up in defeat and go back to bed, a little cranky and thinking that sleep is an infinitely more promising prospect than struggling to make sense of an elusive thought that won’t materialize.

Sadly, I am a talentless hack when it comes to art (much to my dismay), however I often feel that the ideas and themes which, in rare moments, present themselves like sculptures in unformed clay, are already present and simply waiting for me to articulate them. Waiting to be weaved into something that’s worth listening to. Waiting patiently for me to have a moment of clarity which will coalesce an unformed idea into something truly inspiring. I’m not entirely sure that anything I write will move the world, which is quite often unappreciative, even to those with far greater talent, yet I feel moved to write nonetheless. So should you, there’s every chance that someone, somewhere, will find solace, feel excitement or be eminently captivated by something you’ve expressed.

Go ahead and reveal yourself to the world, let people know what moves you to be who you are. Discover the fathomless mystery of inspiration within yourself that comes only when writing in a passionate fury. Find the peace inside yourself that inevitably comes when you feel that you have been truly heard, even if it’s only from your subconscious mind to your conscious awareness. Write it all down and express your inner self without constraint or judgement and you’ll find the core of your creative self will sustain the essence of your spirit.

Tina Brooke
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