Grand Dame of Design


The internationally renowned, all American designer, Bunny Williams is an absolute master of her trade; showcasing effortlessly livable spaces designed with both beauty and function in mind. 30 years of experience furnishing the homes of her high end ‘society’ clients, means Ms Williams certainly knows what works, consequently her finished rooms are not only impeccably stylish but timeless.


Bunny Williams rooms all share her elegant eclecticism and whilst traditional they never appear tired. Her subtle sense of style appears in almost all of her designs, whether it’s a chosen painting, a particularly unique fabric or the seamless placement of items juxtaposed against the room itself. Her inimitable touches, like the dog bowl next to a 17th century writing desk or a lamp set at the perfect height from the desk, are indicative of the care with which she creates each individual room.


Bunny constructs beautiful, layered, evolving rooms for living where pets are welcome on the furniture and ‘precious’ objects are arranged as part of a room, not as a display. When interviewed, Bunny once said “So much of what we do is getting people to trust us, and learning to observe people, imagining what they are thinking, and trying to help them make the decisions for their house. …We leave when the work is done, but our clients live in the spaces we create for them,” and so Ms Williams has mastered the art of creating truly beautiful yet wonderfully livable rooms. She does not compromise function for aesthetic but simply believes the two can harmoniously co-exist with the right design.


A true decorator in the very essence of the profession, this decorating icon leads the field in timeless, classic and real life living.



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