Marching into Autumn


This is a sizzling HOT Summer edition of our quarterly newsletter! Feature packed with everything from juicy social items to in-depth reports pertaining to property market analysis, there is definitely something for everyone.


For those of you who believe the mantra “Healthy mind, healthy body, happy heart” we are excited to let you know of our excellent progress toward a happier, healthier workplace through our Wellness Initiative (we even threw out our cookie jar!).


Our feature article this month details a challenging project with many complex negotiations and some particularly tricky treatments involved but as usual, it was pulled off without a hitch due to the competence of our professional team.


We fully appreciate that you are incredibly busy so we’re glad you took a moment to experience a slice of life from our team by reading the great articles we have for you. However if you need further incentive to keep reading, there’s a chance to win an awesome gift if you click on our LinkedIn page!


Have something in mind you’d like to see in the next edition? Feel free to send in your requests and we’ll be sure to incorporate your ideas into the next release.

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