Ideas Can Change the World

It’s no great wonder  successive generations are always racing away in a desperate hurry to be the first and the best; the first to finally reach the outer limits of possibility, the best at promoting ideologies that make a real difference. Pushing as hard and far as possible in taking themselves to the perceived edge, they now face, as countless generations did before them, the terrifying prospect of having to raise the current standard for living through technological progression and thought invention. Most will come to understand that there aren’t any real limits, other than the short-sighted expectations we have of ourselves and the boundaries we place in our own path. The preconceived judgments of others should be of absolutely no consequence yet our hearts grow heavy with the burden of self-doubt, the seeds for discontent and a desperate yearning to be more. When what we want from and for ourselves comes into conflict, usually stimulated by external pressures, it ends with internal conflict and a lingering malaise of the spirit, however, it can also be the catalyst for ideas that change the world.

The fabric of society is slowly being rewoven by the newer, better, faster generations to come. All too soon the present becomes the past, as progress is now an accelerating phenomenon of evolving ideologies and technologies. Ideas go viral in mere moments. Enabled in most part, through an increasingly speedy internet and the arguable wonders of social media. Welcoming this game-changing era were the Millennials. The first of their kind to live life in the forefront of the digital revolution, a time that saw the explosion of social media behemoths such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These giant entities seem to have created a strangely intimate yet disconnected society, one whose proud display of extroverted selfie shots run alongside the mostly banal and unnecessary narration of every waking thought. Tweeting incessantly about inconsequential matters like the latest celebrity scandal or fashion trend, there are people who don’t recognize or utilize these media platforms for anything other than idle chatter and a forum to gain public validation. Then there are those who have the talent and technical expertise to build entire industries around them. What was initially a communication channel for personal connection is now a considerable force of influence globally and a fantastic medium for targeted mass marketing through consumer intelligence gathering. So began a brand new era of cross-promotional marketing and dedicated sales strategies, aimed at leveraging the intelligence gained through social media into carefully targeted campaigns, brand promotions and product launches. Companies now rely heavily on big data to provide the edge needed to induce a saturated and media savvy public to spend.

The pace of life is just so much faster than all that have gone before and the future seems to be the only frontier left to conquer. For those who learn to shape the world around them using current ideas and incorporating available technologies, life becomes a headlong rush into possibility…. the wild, weird and wonderful, in bed with the strange, disturbed and sometimes truly alarming. Inevitably, there will be some who discipline themselves to live lives unencumbered by any of the recklessness which infects the souls of so many. One hopes this leads into lives of tireless dedication and achievement and not, as for some unfortunate few, lives of mundane mediocrity and boredom. With an ever evolving landscape of technological advancement and social reform still to come, the world will once again be poised for change.Undoubtedly it will be the boldest of the new generations, making choices based on the ideologies of their age, that will be the heralds for an age of innovation and growth.

You are the total sum of all influences and experiences you’ve every had, a being of great value in that your life lessons learned and contributions to the collective become part of the incredibly complex tapestry of interwoven and symbiotic relationships that hold our civilization together. Be open to change and welcome the possible realities that emerge when the shifting tides of technology end up reshaping the very basis of our social constructs. Whether you sink or swim, be exceptionally proud of who you are and whatever it is that you’ve accomplished, as life can be as difficult and treacherous as it is exciting and worthwhile, making each achievement something to be cherished. So shout your truth to the world around you. Thankfully, there are people willing to listen, even better still, there are those who might agree and together you have the power to affect change. Who knows, maybe one day your ideas will become part of the accepted social construct and be instrumental in changing the shape of life for generations to come.

Tina Brooke
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